As the budget for education continues to be reduced, the PTA has stepped up to help maintain and support many of the programs our children deserve. Del Cerro’s PTA is dedicated to ensuring our students are exposed to many different educational opportunities, including:  science, reading, art, and music.

Here are on-going programs Del Cerro’s PTA is proud to sponsor: 



Reading Counts 

Reading Counts is a motivational reading program designed to encourage students to read at their own pace and be accountable for the books they read. The program includes tests that evaluate a students reading strengths, and assigns them to a level. The student is encouraged to read books at their appropriate reading level (which is designated in our library by color), then pass a computerized quiz that measures their reading comprehension, and awards them on a point system for every book the complete. This program is supported largely by our Book Fairs.


Art Masters

Art Masters is an amazing program that teaches students about the great art masters and their individual techniques.The students first hear a riveting lecture full of colorful displays and slides about the artist of the month; their life, and what influenced their work. Then, the students are visited in their classroom by an Art Masters instructor, where they learn to create their own piece of artwork using the current Master’s style. 



For 40 years, the national PTA Reflections Program has encouraged students across the nation and in American schools overseas to explore their artistic talents. Reflections is an event that encourages students to create a unique piece of art based on an assigned theme. There are multiple media that are allowed, including dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts or painting/drawing. These pieces are collected, judged and displayed in a special evening of celebration. Winning entries from Del Cerro are sent on to be judged at our Council and if winning there, on to the District level. If they continue to win, the pieces could end up in State or even National competitions. Reflections traditionally selects themes designed to make students think about important issues.  Students need to finish that sentence with their creativity!


Character Education

At Del Cerro, we believe in a ‘pat on the back’ for a job well done! Each month, students are chosen by their teacher for the special honor of having a catered Lunch with the Principal! Students chosen for Lunch with the Principal have shown excellence of character in the 3 R's: Respectful, Responsible, Reasonable, and Scholarly.  These students have the opportunity to have some special time with their Principal, to talk about all kinds of things! Monthly recipients will be announced in the newsletter and their pictures will appear on our bulletin board in the MPR.



Hands on Science Program

Del Cerro has proudly posted record breaking science scores, and we believe it is because of our wonderful Hands on Science Program. Thanks to the talents of Mrs. Wenzel, students are exposed to a higher level of science than they would otherwise receive. Our PTA proudly supports this entire program, including supplies.


Sixth Grade Legacy Tiles

At Del Cerro, we honor our 6th Grade class each year by having them create a ‘Legacy tile’. This has become one of the most treasured memories of elementary school. Each student is given a blank ceramic tile that they design, and paint. The PTA provides the ceramic tile, colored glazes, paint pens for labeling the tiles, clear glaze and firing, as well as instruction and assistance with individual designs, if needed. The finished ceramic tiles are then cemented onto the exterior wall of the school as a block representing the entire graduating class. What results is a truly one-of-a-kind wall, exhibiting unique student art along with fond memories of their elementary school experience. 

 Family Fun Nights

Throughout the year, the PTA will invite members and their families to join us for Family Fun. Beginning with our Back to School BBQ! This is an evening early in the school year to reconnect with old pals, and the meal is on us! We also have Beach Blanket Bingo, Fun with Science, and the end of the year Campout. These events are offered at little or no cost to the participants. It’s our way of bringing our families together for an evening. 


Red Ribbon Week

The PTA is dedicated to encouraging a healthy life, and smart choices. A week in October, in conjunction with national events, is dedicated to teaching the kids about the dangers of drugs, and the wisdom of living a drug-free life. The lessons are taught through poster contests, and other fun events throughout the week. For additional information please see flyer sent home in student folders.


Ability Awareness Day

Del Cerro PTA is fortunate enough to have a dedicated chairperson who brings to our students an event that teaches them about the challenges of those with differences, limitations or disabilities. The students, with the help of volunteers, and teachers, experience a variety of physical, emotional and learning challenges and leave with a greater appreciation for themselves, and those around them.